2022 in Fitness & Travel

I took ~2.5 million steps – avg of 6.9k per day
I worked out 305 times – highest concentration was February & March
Lost 5.2kg and 3.8% body fat (lost more than that actually but gained some too!)
And in travel, I visited all over the UK, France, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Las Vegas, and Mauritius.

November Fitness

November was a bad month in fitness for me – in my defence we did spend a week of this away with no access to a gym, and early morning starts. On top of this, it was a very wet and cold month – waking up in the morning feeling cold is not a motivator for me!

In an attempt to make December better, I will be using the treadmill a lot more now. I did do a 6km run on the treadmill a couple of days ago.

November 2022 stats

I worked out 10 days, a total of just 4 hours of workouts.

4 hours of exercise – worst month this year!

October Fitness

October was an average month for me in fitness – I blame the colder weather, it really demotivates me! Although once I’m out there running, the cold weather actually helps me go further and faster – I broke my distance record this month.

October 2022 stats

I worked out 14 days. That’s 11 hours of workouts! Mostly walking, I went 41.8km, and did my longest run of 8km without stopping or slowing down 🔥

60% walking, 24% dumbbells, 12% running, 4% misc.

11 hours of fitness this month – around average

An update on workouts

I have decided to stop posting workouts to my blog and Twitter. As I am doing at least 2 workouts a day now, it’s getting a bit spammy.

What started out as a new novel thing is now something I do every day – I never thought it would get to this but I actually really enjoy it!

If you’d like to follow along, please join me on Strava and/or MyFitnessPal.

Afternoon Walk

Distance 5.1km

Total Time 00:54:16

Elevation 10m

Average Speed 5.6km/h

Morning Walk

Distance 5.3km

Total Time 00:58:59

Elevation 12m

Average Speed 5.4km/h

Afternoon Walk

Distance 6.2km

Total Time 01:10:50

Elevation 12m

Average Speed 5.2km/h

Lunch Walk

Distance 4.1km

Total Time 00:45:54

Average Speed 5.4km/h

Afternoon Walk

Distance 1.2km

Total Time 00:26:59

Elevation 5m

Average Speed 2.6km/h

Lunch Walk

Distance 6.4km

Total Time 01:11:37

Elevation 7m

Average Speed 5.3km/h

Afternoon Walk

Distance 3.9km

Total Time 00:42:05

Elevation 2m

Average Speed 5.6km/h